Three ways to give.  

  1. Give in person. 
    Each Sunday, we dedicate a time in our service to worship by bringing our tithes and giving offering.  You can give during that portion of our worship service or by dropping your gift at the church office.
  2. Give online.  
    Getting started is easy — just click this link “BREEZE ONLINE GIVING” or the one at the bottom of this page and complete the information on the new window that opens. Setting up an account is simple and your donations will transfer directly to Bethel’s bank account.
  3. Give by TXT.
    Simply text the amount you'd like to give to (856) 888-4044. First time givers will be prompted to provide their payment method via a secure web page (you will only have to do this one time). Once your preferred payment method is set up, you can continue giving by TXT whenever you choose by texting the amount of your tithe. 
    When giving by text, you can also use one of the following "key words" to direct your gift to a specific fund.  Simply text the amount followed by the word "fellowship" or "holiday" to direct your gift to your desired location.  Any unspecified gifts will be directed to our general fund. 

Thanks for giving. BREEZE ONLINE GIVING

Special Offering: Hurricane Harvey Relief

We are collecting monetary gifts to send to Houston as they continue the rescue and recovery efforts resulting from Hurricane Harvey.  You can use any of the methods listed above and all money given will go directly to Houston.  

  1. In Person: If giving cash, please place it in an envelope marked "Hurricane Relief". If writing a check, make sure your check says "Hurricane Relief" in the memo line. 
  2. Online: make sure to select "Hurricane Harvey Relief" from the dropdown menu.
  3. TXT: text your desire amount along with the keyword Harvey to (856) 888-4044.


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