Weekly Bible Studies

Each week we have a number of study options to participate with. These study options are an excellent way to be challenged from God's Word, discuss and process with a group of men or women, and connect with other adults. Read about what studies will be offered this fall.  

Men's Bible Study:
Wednesday evenings 7pm (starting Wednesday, September 14)
This year, the men will be working through the book of Romans and "Exploring God's Remedy For Us." Frederic Louis Godet said, "[Romans] is the greatest masterpiece which the human mind has ever conceived.  Every great revival in history began with the unfolding of these doctrines.” Join us as we read and study through this letter and pray for God to do a work of revival in each of us. 


Ladies Bible Study: more details coming soon
Tuesday mornings at 9am (starting Tuesday, September 13)
Using short clips from the movie War Room, our Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study will begin the fall by working through the topic of prayer.  Through this study, you will personally evaluate your spiritual life and growth while being reminded of the power of prayer.  

Wednesday mornings at 9am (starting Wednesday, September 14)
We are excited to kick off the fall of Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Study by studying The Gospel of Mark. For seven weeks, we will talk gather to "discover the real Jesus of the Bible and His great compassion and passion for each of us." Check out the promo video to get a glimpse of what's to come.

Wednesday evenings at 7pm (starting Wednesday, September 14)
The Letters of 1, 2 & 3 John were written to encourage followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the truth. Starting Wednesday, September 13, our Evening Ladies Bible study will look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth versus lies and deception and more. This 7-session study not only reveals the heart of John but also the heart of Jesus. A great addition to The Living Room Series, this study includes recipes and a more relational approach. Check out this preview.

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